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Kenn is a top-rated instructor who has been leading dynamic, interactive and informative accounting programs for over 20 years.

He has extensive experience teaching all levels of accounting, auditing, ethics, fraud, SSARS, and other practice-related subjects, and has presented to groups at all levels, from students to seasoned professionals.

Kenn’s presentations focus on practical applications and include discussions among participants, examples, and case studies. 

He consistently receives high ratings and evaluations in his presentations.


Kenn Heaslip


S e m i n a r s

Eight Hour

FASB Accounting and AICPA Auditing Update

This seminar updates participants on FASB and AICPA standards.  It includes full coverage and discussions of all new FASB, SAS, SSARS, SSAE, and other standards.  

SSARS Preparations, Compilations and Reviews

This seminar covers all components of a SSARS preparation, compilation, and review engagements. 

F r a u d

This program is a case study approach to learning about fraud in financial statements.  It is valuable for anyone who prepares and reports on financial statements.  

All Seminars Can Be Customized

Four Hour

AICPA’s Code of Professional Conduct

This session will explore all areas of the Code of Professional Conduct (The Code).  It includes those applicable to CPAs in both public practice and industry.  There is a focus on commonly

encountered topics and new interpretations.

The New Revenue Standard

This course discusses the standard’s new five-steps approach to recognition in detail.  In addition, it addresses many issues that were raised and discuss many areas that require detailed analysis.

Tax Basis and Other
Special Purpose Frameworks

Most small business entities do not have the support or financial need for GAAP basis financial statements.  They keep their records on a tax basis for income tax reporting and either convert them to GAAP, cash, or present them to users as Non-GAAP financial statements. 

New Jersey Law and Ethics

This program is New Jersey State approved and meets the requirements for CPAs licensed in the State. It covers The AICPA Code of Professional Conduct (The Code) as well as the laws and regulations of the State of New Jersey.  

Financial Statement Analysis

Financial statements are the key to most business decisions.  Often, the statements are presented

as a key piece of information, and often they are misunderstood.  This program is an overview of financial statements, how data is presented, and how to extract needed information that is relevant to business decisions.

It will cover the format of the balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows and notes to the financial statements. 

The Lease Standard

This presentation will focus on the important concepts of the standard including, what constitutes a lease, determining financing leases, how to determine the lease term, the computation of the capitalized amount, and related party leases.  A follow up course will be offered on issues involved in implementing the standard.

The AICPA’s Fraud Risk Framework

This seminar will explore the AICPA’s new Fraud Risk Framework along with the new Statement on Standards for Forensic Services (SFAS).  The importance of the CPAs role in fraud has become a hot topic among auditors and courts.

The Lease Standard: Nuts and Bolts

The new lease standard needs to be implemented by non-public entities for years ended December 31, 2022.  Implementing the standard will affect almost all balance sheets which could impact creditor analysis, loan covenants, and performance indicators.  

Two Hour

Lessons from Implementation
of the Revenue Standard

The new revenue recognition standard has been implemented by all entities.  The implementation process was long, detailed, controversial, and full of uncertainty.  The principles-based standard requires an analysis and discussions about various approaches.  In many cases, issues raised were not anticipated and met with disagreement. 

Attestation Standards, What’s New

Attestation standards often take a back seat to audit and SSARS standards.  Many practitioners don’t fully understand them and often don’t realize when they apply.  This program will discuss the application of the statements of standards for attestation engagements (SSAEs) and when they apply.

Confidentiality and Conflicts of Interest

This program explores the AICPA’s Code of Professional Conduct as it applies to Confidentiality and Conflicts of interest.  Confidentiality is key to the CPA’s reputation as the trusted professional. 

The Lease Standard:
Implementation Issues

The new lease standard needs to be implemented by non-public entities for years ended December 31, 2022.  Implementing the standard will affect almost all balance sheets which could impact creditor analysis, loan covenants, and performance indicators.  This presentation will focus on what companies have learned in implementing the standard. 

SSARS: The New Focus on
Preparation Engagements

SSARS 21 changed the standards for when CPAs are associated with non-audit client financial statements.  A major change was the introduction of a new level of service, preparation engagements.  This change was not immediately embraced by most CPAs in public practice, and many have not provided the service in most situations. 

Accounting for Digital Currency/ESG Disclosures and SASB Standards

This program focuses on areas that entities are seeing more and more often.  Many entities are executing transactions in digital currency and more creditors are inquiring about Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies. 

Additional Courses Offered Through Partnerships

Kenn Heaslip Seminars, LLC partners with other course developers and instructors to bring you a wide variety of programs designed to meet your needs.


  • Internal Control – COSO and Audit Procedures (Eight Hour)

  • FAQs - Accounting and Auditing (Eight Hour)

  • Documentation and Workpaper Techniques for all Engagements (Eight Hour)

  • Financial Instruments and CECL (Two, Four, or Eight Hour)

  • Tax Updates – Individual and Business Entities (Two, Four, or Eight Hour)

  • Nonprofit Accounting (Four or Eight Hour)

  • Risk Based Auditing Standards (Four or Eight Hour)

  • Business Combinations and Consolidations (Two or Four Hour)

  • Accounting for the Construction Industry (Two or Four Hour)

  • Accounting for the Cannabis Industry (Two or Four Hour)

  • Cybersecurity Awareness (Two or Four Hour)

  • Data Analytics (Two or Four Hour)

  • Taxation of Investments (Two or Four Hour) 

  • Fair Value Measurement (Two Hour)

  • Related Party Transactions (Two Hour)

  • Nonstatistical Sampling (Two Hour)

  • Peer Review Deficiencies (Two Hour)

  • Variable Interest Entities (Two Hour)

  • Uniform Guidance Compliance (Two Hour)

  • Remote Engagements (Two Hour)

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